May 11, 2017
1 Year, 2 months and 6 days since
our celebration.
2007 Family Reunion
2007 Family Reunion

Ten years ago, our relatively small Aakrann family got together in Ohio.
Since then the "Norwegian network" has grown (spouses and babies) by +14!

Today, in 2017, the time and place to meet is lovely North Dakota.
Yes, ok, so I'm biased but after all my travels, I know the good spots.

Sadly, not everyone can join us in Grand Forks. Not to worry!
You will be remembered in spirit, as will those family members
we've loved, lost and deeply miss.

For those making the journey, early fun starts Thursday evening.

Friday finds us bowling -- kids and adults alike -- for some laughs and
family competition. Later, poolside we celebrate Andi's special 1st birthday.

An early Saturday sees Lauren graduate. Mid-morning it's brunch/lunch
and tee-time for the interested golfer. Happy and hungry, we
head that evening east to East Grand Forks for
the Aakrann Family Reunion Dinner.

And finally Sunday, May 14th, "Mother's Day" when, before we go
our seperate ways, all moms will be honored

Be sure to look at 'Schedule of Events' for all event details
Looking forward to reuniting in May